Introduction to alkanes - methane U. Alberta

Petroleum Distillation Animation NEU

Isomer construction set Fred Senese, Frostburg State University

Alkane Isomers Simple alkanes and their isomers Chime USC

Nomenclature Tutorials:  1   2  3 

Alkane Naming Shockwave tutorial, Darrell Woodman, U. Washington

Alkyl Groups - basic    Alkyl Groups - complete Shockwave Drill, Darrell Woodman

Structure and nomenclature of hydrocarbons Purdue University

Alkane Nomenclature in a Nutshell St. Olaf's University

Alkane Nomenclature Aspects Herman Ammon, University of Maryland

General Alkane Tutorials  1  2  3  4

Branched Alkanes Video Lecture (Requires RealPlayer) Gary Trammell UIS

Alkane Video Lectures by Claude Wintner (Require RealPlayer):  Butane and Isobutane ( video, related text ) C5H12 Hydrocarbons ( video, related text ) C6H14 Hydrocarbons ( video, related text ) C7H16 Hydrocarbons ( video, related text )

Alkane Nomenclature Drill

Self Tests:  1  2  3 

Alkane Nomenclature Quiz St. Olaf's  

Colby. Alkane Physical Properties requires Shockwave

Recognizing Organic Fragments, George Wiger CSUDH

Slide Show on Alkanes

Alkane Comparison Practice Quiz St. Olaf's University

Conformation Movies at the University of Arizona

How to visualize a Newman projection UCLA (380 K QuickTime)

Alkane Movies (Quicktime) U. Texas

Alkane Conformations at Michigan State University

Conformation Tutorial, Dublin U., requires CHIME

Ethane Conformation Jennifer Muzyka, Centre College

Butane Conformations Jennifer Muzyka, Centre College

Ethane Conformation with PE graph (Java) University of Nijmegen

Propane Conformation with PE graph (Java) University of Nijmegen

Butane Conformation with PE graph (Java) University of Nijmegen

Butane Conformation - Middlebury College  2 M Quicktime movie

Butane  Newman Projections and Rotation - Middlebury College 4 M Quicktime movie

Butane, staggered, gauche Rainer Glaser U. Missouri

  Conformation Video Lectures by Claude Wintner (Require RealPlayer) Ethane ( video, related text ) Propane ( video, related text ) n-Butane ( video, related text ) n-Pentane ( video, related text )

Conformation Tutorial

Ethane Propane Shockwave conformation tutorials, Darrell Woodman, U. Washington

Conformation Self Tests 1   2   3   4   5

Conformational Analysis tutorial at Dublin City University (mainly cyclics)

Conformation Visualization Rainer Glaser U. Missouri

What Is a Dihedral Angle?  Shockwave movie illustrating the concept of torsional angles in an organic molecule.

Radical Reactions EWU

Free Radical Chlorination of Methane Mechanism   Tutorial

Free Radical Substitution

Free Radical Substitution

Radical Chain Reactions

Radicals UIC (PDF file)

Radical Pictures

Radical Reactions Kirk McMichael

Chlorination of Methane 360 KB Quicktime Movie JB publishing

Alkane Radical Stability

Hyperconjugation of Radicals Animation Richard Banks, Boise State U.

Practice Tests U. Akron


ALKYL HALIDES Synthesis, Reactions, Tutorials, Videos, and Self Tests

Alkenes Synthesis, Reactions, Mechanisims, Videos, Tutorials, and Self Tests

Cyclic Compounds:  Conformations, Synthesis, Reactions, Tutorials, Videos, and Self Tests

Spectroscopy: Ultraviolet (UV), Visible, Infrared (IR),  Mass Spectroscopy (MS), Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR including  1H NMR and CMR)  tutorials, animations, movies and self tests.

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