ALKYL HALIDES: Synthesis, Reactions, Tutorials, Videos, and Self Tests

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Slide Show on Alkyl Halides

Quiz on Alkyl Halide Nomenclature

Slide Show on Alkyl Halide Reactions

Alkyl Halides Tutorial Paul Young UIC

  1,2-dibromoethane reaction with Zn  U. Regensburg, Peter Keusch

Alkyl Halides substitution reactions

Gas Phase Halogenation of Methane UCLA

Free Radical Chlorination of Methane Mechanism Tutorial

Free Radical Substitution

Radical Chain Reactions

Radicals UIC (PDF file)

Radical Pictures

Radical Reactions Kirk McMichael

Chlorination of Methane 360 KB Quicktime Movie JB publishing

Alkane Radical Stability

Hyperconjugation of Radicals Animation Richard Banks, Boise State U.

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  NEW Organic Ractions 1 Checker game

Alkyl Halides Self Test

Alkyl Halides Substitution Self Test

Alkyl Halides Reaction Self Test

Alkyl Halide Reactions Self Test Michigan State

Alkyl Halides, Ronald Rinehart CSUMB

Conformations of 1-Bromopropane

Conformations of 2-iodobutane

Alkyl Halide Reactions self test

Butylbromide isomers + silver nitrate U. Regensburg, Peter Keusch

Movies of Alkyl Halides Reacting with NaI/Acetone

Grignard Reagents

Electrophiles and Nucleophiles Steven Hardinger, UCLA

Nucleophilic Substitution

Nucleophilic Substitution Mary Masson, Aberdeen U.

Animation of SN2 reaction with energy diagram, WH. Freeman Publishing

SN1 and SN2 Steve Wathen

SN1 vs. SN2Shockwave tutorial, Colby College

Nucleophilic Substitution, SN2, SN1 Kirk McMichael

SN2 Mechanism SN1 Mechanism Shockwave tutorials, Darrell Woodman, U. Washington

SN1 Animation  E1 Animation Jennifer Muzyka, Centre College

Carbocations U. Calgary

Carbocation Analogs slides Milton Wieder Metropolitan State College of Denver

Carbocations and their Stability Chemguide

Colby.Carbocationic Rearrangements requires Shockwave

Leaving Groups, U. Calgary

Hydrolysis of tertiary Butyl Halides  U. Regensburg

SN2 Mechanism Tutorial

SN2 Animation E2 Animation Jennifer Muzyka, Centre College

SN2 Movie MSU

SN2 Hindrance Shockwave tutorial, Darrell Woodman, U. Washington

SN1 and SN2 reactions, U. Calgary

SN2 Substitution  (1.4 M)  E2 Elimination (914 K) Quicktime movies, McMaster U.

E2 Reactions  SN2 Mechanism - SN1 Mechanism - E2 Mechanism - Shockwave tutorials, Darrell Woodman, U. Washington

E2 Mechanism:  Dehydrohalogenation of an Alkyl Halide Shockwave tutorials, Darrell Woodman, U. Washington

SN1 SN2 E1 E2 Bluffton College

Mechanism of SN1/E1 Reactions Interactive Software by Marc Loudon WIN  MacOSX

Nucleophilic Substitution Dry Laboratory - EMOC

Substitution-Elimination Tutorial Towson State U.

Substitution Elimination Summary St. Thomas U.

Jeopardy Review of Alkyl Halides, U. Pittsburg

Jeopardy  Review of Substitution and Elimination Reactions, U. Pittsburg

Self Tests 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

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