Carbanion Basics

H abstraction from acetaldehyde Chime animation

Ylides Slide Show Milton Wieder, Metropolitan State College of Denver

Wittig Reaction

Wittig Reaction

Wittig Reaction Flash animation, Sumanas Inc.

Enolates Shockwave tutorial, Colby College

Enolate ions U. Alberta

Kinetic and Thermodynamic Control in Enolates Michigan State U.

Carbon Nucleophiles

Carbonyl Condensations slide show UNI

Aldol Condensations U. Southern Maine

Aldol Condensation Shockwave tutorial, Peter Slade

Claisen Condensation U. Southern Maine

Claisen Condensation Organic Chemistry Portal, Reto Mueller

Claisen Condensation  2.7 M Quicktime movie, McMaster U.

Carbonyl Condensation Reactions at Paul Young’s Organic Chemistry Online

Claisen Condensation, Acetoacetic Ester and Malonic Ester Syntheses Shockwave drill, Darrell Woodman, U. Washington

Ketone Synthesis via Claisen Condensation InteractiveTutorial, Oxford U.