San Jose State U. Visual Organic Lab with movies of major techniques

Laboratory Techniques Movies UCLA (requires RealPlayer)


DVAction Northwestern U.

Barbara Gaddis Laboratory Techniques Page UCCS

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How Do I..  Lab Guide U. Arizona

Glassware and Equipment Descriptions CSUS

Rod Beavon's Organic Lab Preparations


Distillation Tutorial

U. Colorado Distillation Overview

Petroleum Distillation animation in Flash

Distillation Tutorial with Self Test (under construction)

Organic Laboratory Techniques

Lab Technique Movies  (various formats) U. Alberta

Recrystallization Tutorial

Recrystallization Movie (requires RealPlayer) UCLA

Crystallization U. Colorado

Filtration Movie WIU Quicktime slow download

Extraction Tutorial

Extraction Movie WIU Quicktime slow download

Separatory Funnel Extraction U. Colorado

Separatory Funnel Use Illustrated U. Colorado

U. Colorado Lab Techniques Site

Melting Point Determination (requires RealPlayer) UCLA

Melting Points with MelTemp U. Colorado

Packing Capillary Tubes U. Colorado

melting point movie 10 MB Quicktime movie, U. Colorado

Web Quiz on Melting Points

Melting Point Study Questions

Sample Preparation for Melting Point DVACtion Northwestern U.

Melting Point Lab U. Akron

Preparation of IR Samples  U. Colorado

Reflux Technique Tutorial

Organic Lab Tips Cal Chany

Phoenix College Lab Manual

Clorox (Hypochlorite) Oxidation of Cyclohexanol to Cyclohexanone

Mechanism of Hypochlorite Oxidation

Advanced Organic Lab Experiments Henry Rezpa, Imperial College (England)

(Virtual) Organic Laboratory, U. of Akron
1-bromobutane preparation

Virtual Br2 test for Alkenes DVACtion Northwestern U.

Movies of Alcohol Reactions with Chromic Acid (affiliated server)

Movies of Br2 test for alkenes and alkynes (affiliated server)

Addition of bromine demo U. of Illinois

Vacuum Filtration DVACtion Northwestern U.

U. Colorado Chromatography overview

Thin Layer Chromatography U. Colorado

U. Colorado illustrated TLC procedure

TLC movie Indiana University Quicktime Movie

Organic Qual (at Stanford)

Virtual Organic Qualitative Analysis (affiliated server)

Chemical Tests Listed by Functional Group Neil Glagovich, CCSU

Qualitative Analysis Page Neil Glagovich, CCSU

Chemical Tests - Functional group identification tutorial practice, Yue-Ling Wong

Movies of Alkyl Halides Reacting with NaI/Acetone

Movies of Aldehydes & Ketones Reacting with 2,4-Dinitrophenylhydrazine

Self Tests on Qualitative Organic 1  2  3  4

Elemental Analysis Neil Glagovich, CCSU

Cannizzaro Reaction mechanism and procedure Northern Virginia Community College

Organic Laboratory Experiments Northern Virginia Community College

U. Virginia  Laboratory Survival Manual

Writing the Laboratory  Notebook Rod Beavon

Cathy Sarisky's Lab Archive

Microscale Gas Experiments (some organic)

Gas Chromatography tutorial and Quiz Sheffield Hallam University

A collection of organic experiments for a first semester organic course  A collection of organic experiments for a second semester organic course  John Almy, California State U. at Stanislaus

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California State University, Stanislaus Chemistry - Instructional Support Lab

Laboratory Safety Information at ILPI

What can happen when you don't follow follow safety rules

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UVa Laboratory Survival Manual safety and procedures

USG Right-to-Know program MSDS & government safety links

Use of a Fire Extinguisher

CHEMFINDER, Cambridge Software, Compound Properties Lookup


Eye Injuries - U. Arizona

Eye Injuries - Richmond Eye Associates

Writing Scientific Lab Reports Brock University (Canada)

Writing the Lab Notebook Fred Matthews Austin Peay State U.