THE CHEMICAL EDUCATOR (See the stuff chemistry teachers read!)

Power Point Slides by Donald Pavia, Western Washington U.

CHM 2210 Reactions Practice CHM 2211 Reactions Practice  Florida State U.

CHM 2210 Reactions Summaries CHM 2211 Reactions Summaries Florida State U.

Reaction Roladex Hartford U. Eric Mahan

University of Pittsburgh Molecule Graphics and Learning Modules

MIT Open Courseware Project

U. Colorado Colorado Springs Organic 1

Molecular Visualization Center for Wade Textbook - U. Missouri

St. Hughes College Organic Chemistry Web, Oxford U.


Mechanism Animations (mostly Organic II) South Georgia College

University of South Dakota Organic I and II Materials, Grigoriy Sereda

MIT Open Courseware Organic Lecture Handouts

Organic Mechanism Animations (both zip and hqx formats) Purdue U.

Organic Reactions Flowchart Towson State U.

Organic Chemistry U. of Wisconsin

Rod Beavon's Chemistry Pages

Molecular Science Project Explorations UCLA

Fox and Whitesell Organic Chemistry Electronic Reaction Flashcards

Chemistry Flash Website

Organic Reaction Mechanism Movies McMaster U.

Organic Chemistry Jeopardy U. Pittsburg

Organic Chemistry Reading from the Web Steven Hardinger, UCLA

Organic Chemistry Flash Animations

Organic Chemistry at Bluffton College

Molecular Library, U. Pittsburg

web organic chemistry (University of Nijmegen)

Columbia University Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemitry I Resources SUNY Stonybrook

Online Learning Center for Carey Text U. Calgary

PowerPoint slide shows Donald Pavia, Western Washington U.

Penn State Molecular Gallery

Chemory A chemistry game program that either matches a structure with its name, or  two structures (i.e. the same compound in different representations). Two downloadable versions: one free and one shareware. 

Abbreviations of Chemical Compounds
Type in the abbreviation of a chemical compound (for example: THF ) and let this web page find its full name for you.

Ron Rinehart's Organic Page

Introductory Organic Chemistry 1 Carl Wamser, Portland State University

Introductory Organic Chemistry 2 Carl Wamser, Portland State University

Free Chemical Thesaurus by Mark Leach

Wade Textbook Site Prentice Hall

Organic Reaction Mechanisms ETZH

Virtual Organic Textbook at Michigan State University

Interactive Learning through Interactive Molecules, U. Wisconsin

Steve Lowers Resources for Chemical Education

Chemistry Courses on the Internet

Organic Chemistry (OAC level) Tom Stretton

Organic Named Reactions  Reto Mueller

Organic Reaction Summaries Martin Schwartz, Florida State U

Georgia State University Galactone Page

Molecular Models requires CHIME, Tom Zamis, U. Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Common Molecules Collection

Wiley’s Organic Chemistry Webexercises

Chemistry Resources Links Carlos Lopez

Organic Chemistry Dictionary

Mechanism Review Page U. Alabama

Organic Chemistry Help, Frostburg U.

Organic Chemistry Tutorials at UCLA

Organic Chemistry Practice Problems

BUBL LINK Organic Resouces

MIT Organic Links

Bucknell U. Organic Page

Organic OnlineJones and Bartlett, book Invitation to Organic Chemistry by William Johnson. Mechanism movies, online quiz

Links of Interest to All Organic Chemistry Classes, UCLA

Organic Chemistry at CCSU Neil Glagovich 

Organic 1 Resources Texas A&M

Chemistry 233 U. Maryland

Organic Chemistry II California State U. Northridge

Howard Black's Organic Student Links  Eastern Illinois University

Students Guide to organic chemistry

Organic Study Aids. Byrn Mawr University

Organic Chemistry Modules, Steve Glover  1  2

Texas A&M Organic Courses Homepage

University of  Colorado Organic Chemistry Study Links

Organic Chemistry Flash Cards at Ohio State University

Organic Reaction Drill

Bob Hanson's Chemistry Tool Kits

Organic Online, Jones and Bartlett Publishing

Coffee Chemistry at the University of Jamaica

Richard Banks Organic Chemistry Learning Aids at Boise State University which includes an Organic Nomenclature Tutorial and Multiple Choice Practice Questions

IUPAC Nomenclature Site

Online Dictionary of Organic Chemistry

Name Reaction Index

Web-sters Organic Chemistry Page

University of Southern Maine OChem Directory

Computer-Assisted Mechanistic Evaluation of Organic Reactions Yale

Bruice's Organic Chemistry Textbook Student Resources includes tutorials, practice problems, and quizzes

Reaction Finder for Bruice's Organic Text

Reaction Quizzes for Bruice Organic Text

Slide Shows from P. Young, U. Illinois Chicago 

Rod Beavon's Chemistry Pages

ACD/I-Lab IUPAC Name Server Draw an organic structure, and this server will calculate an IUPAC systematic name for it. 

Draw This Molecule This site does the reverse: Write simple IUPAC names, click to display the structure

How Aspirin Works (requires CHIME)

Official IUPAC Organic Nomenclature

Dave Woodcocks Basic Organic Nomenclature, Okanagan University (Canada)
if you have CHIME plugin installed Molecular Model Search

Dan Berger's Online Molecular Modeling Tutorials, Bluffton College

Chemistry tutorials and resource page Liz Dorland's Tutorials and Resources

U. of Alberta power point slides

Organic Chemistry Study Sheets PLU

Intensive Organic Chemistry For Freshmen electronic textbook

Wade Text Slides, Prentice Hall

JB publishing Mechanism Quicktime movies

Columbia University Organic Chemistry for Freshman

Bucknell U. CHM211

Bucknell U. Problem Sets (PDF Files)

Interactive Organic Quizzes Mary Masson, Aberdeen University

Dr. Rainer Glaser's Quantum-Mechanical Intrinsic Reaction Paths Gallery

General, Organic and Biochemistry Course
University of Akron

Computational Chemistry and Organic Synthesis

The Organometallic HyperTextBook

Rob Toreki's Organometallic HyperTextBook

Mechanisms of Organometallic Reactions

Blake Otwell's Organic Links 

Yue-Ling Wong's Chemistry Resources

ORGANIC CHEMISTRY ONLINE, U. ILLINOIS CHICAGO  synthesis and reaction resources

Teaching with Chime U. Clagary

Virtual Chemistry Library, UCLA

Chemical Information Retrieval Server, Athens, Greece

Chemistry Information on the Internet Course

NIH Specialized Information Services

WWW Virtual Library for Chemistry, University of Liverpool

Michigan State University Educational Materials for Organic Chemistry - EMOC


Claude E. Wintner, Organic Chemistry Reference Lectures, Video and Related Text requires Realplayer


Kirk McMichael's Organic Chemistry Pages hosted by CSUDH

Phil Shelvin's Organic Page Auburn U.

Organic Chemistry I Gary Gray Southwestern Baptist U.

Organic Chemistry II Gary Gray Southwestern Baptist U.

Free Chemistry Software

Organic Chemistry Software

Organic Chemistry Movies at the University of Texas

Organic Reaction Mechanism Movies McMaster U.


Global Instructional Chemistry, Henry Rezpa, Imperial College

A useful set of links at California State University, Santa Barbara

Exploring Organic Chemistry Gary Trammell UIS

Web Links for Graham Solomons Text Student Resources

Chemistry Animations and movies at  Sam Houston State University

R J Clarkson's Organic Resources

Question Mark Web Tests - Some tests on molecular structure and properties prepared by Dr. D. B. Adams

How to Tackle Organic Syntheses - A Beginner's Guide

Organic Chemistry at Centre College Jennifer Muzyka

Organic Chemistry Hotlist Providence College

Organic Reaction Summary Penn. State

Organic Reaction Mechanisms ETZH

Virtual Chemistry Oxford U.

SUNY Nassau Community College Organic Chemistry Page

Nice Tutorials at Larry McGahey's "Clinic for the Chemistry Crazed and Confused."

Heterocyclic Compound Information Center

Surfactants Virtual LibraryPaul Huibers MIT


Organic Chemistry Songs Bucknell University

Organic Chemistry Songs UCF

George Kriz Organic 1 Course Materials, Western Washington U.

George Kriz Organic 2 Course Materials, Western Washington U.

University of St. Thomas Organic Chemistry 1

University of St. Thomas Organic Chemistry 2

University of Maine Organic Chemistry 1 

University of  Maine Organic Chemistry 2

CHEMISTRY SPELLED OUT University of Michigan

Colby Organic Chemistry Animations requires Shockwave

Organic Chemistry Online UCCS

Organic Chemistry Tutorials NKU

Academic Chemistry Departments in the US UCSB

Understanding Organic Mechanisms Jim Clark UK

Chemistry Teaching Resources some useful to students

Search all volumes of Organic Syntheses for free

Online Literature

Electronic Organic Journals

University of Nevada Reno Chemistry Resources

Rolf Claessen's Chemistry Index

Organic Chemistry, Brown and Foote  Steven Hardinger, UCLA

The Aldrich Catalog Online with technical information, spectra, and MSDS sheets for Aldrich products.

Lancaster for Academics Organic Synthesis Tutorials

Convert Protein Database files to Animated Gifs U. Heidelburg

Royal Society of Chemistry Library Information Center

Visualization of chemical reactions U. of Bergen, Norway

Smells Online UCB

OSIRIS Organic Property Explorer  Reto Mueller

Chirality & Odour Perception John Leffingwell

The Chemistry of Vision Rachel Casiday and Regina Frey WUSL

Metabolic Organic Reactions Kirk McMichael

Introduction to Vitamins

Chemical Suppliers Directory

Molecule of the Month University of Bristol

Molecules of the Month Imperial College of London

Reactive Intermediates Student Exchange McMaster U.

How Aspirin and NSAIDs Work U. Virginia (Chime)


Interactive Biochemistry U. Virginia (Chime)

Medical Biochemistry Michael King IU School of Medicine

The Merck Index Online

Smells Database UCLA

Iowa State U. Animations Index (look near the bottom)

Multimedia Medical Reference

Molecular Exploration Project UCLA

Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide

Web Organic Chemistry Study Links for Students CU Boulder

Chemical Education Projects U. Pittsburgh

Molecular Modeling Resources Imperial College

Named Organic Reagents U Wisconsin

Named Effects and Rules U Wisconsin

Named Organic Reactions U Connecticut

Named Organic Reactions U Liverpool

Named Organic Reactions Marcus Brackeen

On-line molecular modeling tutorial Oxford U.

Metaxchem the Chemistry Metasearch Engine

Official AAMC Guide to MCAT Topics including Organic Chemistry

Practice Booklet for GRE Chemistry Test (PDF)

Chemistry Video-clip Library Imperial College UK

Combinatorial Chemistry

Online Supplemental Organic Problems  Sam Leung Washburn University

Electronic Encyclopedia of Organic Reagents (eEROS) J Wiley Publishing

Chemistry; Songs of Our Lives UCF

Class of 2005 Music Video hosted by UCF