The Macrogalleria: Polymers and their Applications http://www.psrc.usm.edu/macrog/index.html

Introduction to Polymers Kirk McMichael

Polymer Resources PCOL

All about polymers Columbia U. (requires Shockwave)

Polymerization of Alkenes animation Richard Banks, Boise State U.

Animation for mechanism of polyethylene formation java USC

Polyethylene synthesis animation Bruno Herreros

Biopolymers I

Addition Polymers Condensation Polymers U. Southern Maine

All about Polymers Columbia University (requires Shockwave)

Polymer Chemistry U. Missouri Rolla

Polymer Resources David M. Whisnant, Wofford College

Bakelite Polymerization Steve Carman, Western Nevada Community College

Synthesis of Nylon 6,10 U. Regensburg, Peter Keusch

Making plastic from protein South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Online Macromolecule Museum http://www.clunet.edu/BioDev/omm/gallery.htm

A Tale of Two Polymers Why are Kevlar and Polypropylene different? Chime USC

Polymer Self Tests  1  2  3  4  5  6  7