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Identifying Stereocenters UCLA

Stereoisomers Michigan State U.

Introduction to Stereoisomers Yale U.

Interactive Stereochemistry Online

IUPAC Stereochemistry terminology

Determining R vs. S at a Glance How to identify R vs. S isomers at a glance using the "drive-the-car" analogy.  St. Olaf's University

Prentice-Hall Quicktime Movies:

Enantiometers: a Pair of Nonsuperimpossable Mirror Images
An Achiral Molecule has a Plane of Symmetry

Colby. Chirality, Stereoisomers, Optical Activity requires Shockwave

R/S Assignment Jennifer Muzyka, Centre College

R/S Determination Practice Clarke Earley, Kent State U. Stark

R/S Determination UCLA

Colby.Stereochemistry Online. Problems requires Shockwave

R,S-Naming Tetrahedral Stereocenter Shockwave drill, Darrell Woodman, U. Washington

George Wiger's Stereochemistry R/S configuration practice
California State U. Dominguez Hills

Advanced R/S drill by George Wiger CSUDH

Determining Molecular Chirality

Drawing Enatiomers

Molecules in 4 Dimensions tutorials from the Netherlands

Chirality, Three Dimensional Structure Kirk McMichael

Priority Rules for Nomenclature U. Calgary

Priority Rules Yale U.

Chiralit and R/S Drill  UIC

R/S Naming, Two or More Stereogenic Centers Kirk McMichael

Frank Gorga's Introduction to Organic Isomers 

Stereochemistry Tutorials U. of Arizona

Stereochemistry RealPlayer Movie Harvard U.

Chirality Tutorial Michigan State University

Stereochemistry Tutorial Seton Hall University

Stereochemistry Vocabulary UCLA

Stereoisomers with One Chiral Carbon Jennifer Muzyka, Centre College

Molecules with Two Chiral Centers Jennifer Muzyka, Centre College


Plane Polarized Light Carolyn Hart

Optical Activity Centre College

Specific Rotation Calculations UCLA

Optical Purity U. Calgary

Chiral Chemistry Hompage


Chirality & Odour Perception John Leffingwell

Jeopardy Review of Stereochemistry, U. Pittsburg

Self Tests  1   2   3   4   5   6  Michigan State U.

Self Tests 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Yale U.

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