TOSRV 2002 - to Albany and back


129 miles of South GA hell in 2 days

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My beast of burden

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Stefan (12) and Joshua (10) having fun on the NJROTC obstacle course at Cairo HS the night before the ride

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Joshua again


Apr20_27.jpg (41333 bytes)

How fast can I go down this hill?


Apr20_28.jpg (43928 bytes)

"On your left!"


Apr20_29.jpg (39247 bytes)

"guess not...too fast for me"


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Water break in a small Georgia town

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Cheese :)


Apr20_32.jpg (68144 bytes)

Open shirts are macho


Apr20_34.jpg (44314 bytes)

"Oh boy! Time to go swimming! Whaddya mean we have to ride back to Cairo tomorrow?"