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For Questions relating to TFN, please mail: The Questions Team

For Problems relating to TFN, please mail: The Problems Team

Notice:When reporting a problem or asking a question, please describe your problem in as much detail as possible and leave us your phone number. One of our TFN staff will return your call as soon as possible, when necessary.

UPDATE: (09/24/13) : Holy cow, the webpage is actually responding! Does this mean TFN is back? Well, kinda. There are, as always, a few kinks to work out but there's some good functionality already going. E-mail is in the works. Personal webpages are functional. TFN is on the way back!

For current information on Restoration Operations, please check The Account Restoration Update Page for current information.

  • Tallahassee FreeNet has a new home for continued operations
    Thank you for being a part of the Tallahassee FreeNet community.